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your personal jewellery concierge

essencethe most significant element, quality, or aspect of a thing or person.

gem: something prized, especially for great beauty or perfection; or a highly prized or well-beloved person.

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Loyal to You

First and foremost, my loyalty lies with you, the client. Finding you the best diamond, gem stone, and setting is my number one priority.

As I am not tied to just one jeweller, retailer, or wholesaler, I can offer you options from a multitude of sellers around the country.

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Top Quality at the Best Value

Working with multiple sellers gives me the opportunity to achieve the best possible prices. The seller wants your business and is motivated to provide the best value.

I connect my clientele to an array of top rated jewellers, retailers and manufacturers to achieve a top quality piece of jewellery at the absolute best value.

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Saving You Time

Most clients spend time researching and driving from store to store in order to find the perfect ring at the right price.

Working with my established network of jewellers, manufacturers and retailers, I can save you time by collecting the best options for your needs and providing you with the opportunity to see them all at once.


About The Creator

Hello, I'm Lacey! I am an engagement ring and jewellery expert, based in British Columbia, Canada. I created Essence Gem to provide my clients an innovative method of shopping for engagement rings and luxury jewellery. I have assisted thousands of couples in creating and discovering their dream engagement ring. I will help guide you through the typically difficult process and handle all the small details so you can focus on what is most important, selecting the perfect engagement ring. I would be delighted to answer all of your questions and share my years of knowledge with you. 


Buying a ring can often be misleading and google research can be contradictory. I provide my clients with an exceptional level of service that you would expect from a high end luxury store, all from the comfort of your own home. From my years of experience in luxury jewellery, I discovered that clients spend a vast amount of time driving to different stores and even cities with the purpose of finding the perfect ring. At Essence Gem, I want to take care of all the hassle. Let me know what you desire and I will work to find the perfect ring for you at the best value.

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